World Cup winner Aitana Bonmatí discusses problems in society after winning UEFA award

Aitana Bonmatí was named UEFA Women’s Player of the Year in Monaco on Thursday and used her speech to launch a message to not allow “abuses of power in labor relations or disrespect”, referring to the situation that has developed after Spain’s triumph in the Women’s World Cup Down Under.

“As a society, we must not allow abuse of power in a working relationship or disrespect, so from my team-mate Jenni Hermoso to all those who suffer the same, we are with you and we are working for society to improve,” said Bonmatí.

She acknowledged that, despite the recent success of the Spanish national team, Spanish football is not going through a good moment. “We have just won a World Cup but there is not much talk about it because things are happening that I would not like to let go,” the midfielder added.

Kieran Quaile | GSFN

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